Become An Instructor

Becoming a K-Power® Instructor could be the next leap forward for your personal and professional development. For those already involved in the health care and training industries, K-Power® will be an excellent asset to complement your existing work and continuing education.

Benefits of becoming a K-Power® Instructor include:

  • Create a new revenue stream through regular workshops.
  • Build your professional practice by helping people help themselves.
  • Gain access to top quality teaching materials.
  • Free promotional resources including K-Power® Instructor logos, workshop brochures and flyers.
  • Custom certificate templates – print your own professional certificates.
  • No joining fee or ongoing membership fees.

Today I have had my first big K-Power® success. My client was referred by a local chiropractor who couldn’t help him. The young man had a bad skateboard fall over a year ago and still had limited range of motion, pain and lack of strength in his left shoulder. I used the K-Power® shoulder protocol. 8 muscles needed strengthening. I had him attempt to elicit pain by going into extreme ranges of motion. When he did, I located four reactive muscles and cleared them. Afterwards, his pain was zero, he has full range of motion and his strength has returned. Needless to say, he is very happy. And I am very happy with K-Power®.

R Frost, NV, USA

Becoming an Instructor is an easy process.

For most workshops you only need to take the workshop twice* to become an instructor. If you already have relevant training as a TFH or PKP student, teacher or practitioner you will only need to take the workshop once!

For each workshop you wish to teach, simply:

  1. Attend the workshop.
  2. Complete the homework protocols and assessment work at the end of the workbook and have this reviewed by your Instructor.
  3. Check the Special Requirements for becoming an instructor.
  4. Complete the Instructor Application Form and Instructors Agreement, attaching your homework to show you’ve met the requirements.

Who can teach K-Power®?

Almost anyone can become a K-Power® instructor. Our entry-level workshops can be taught by anyone who has attended the workshops several times and has a passion to share their new-found knowledge with friends and family.

Some courses may have restrictions placed on who may teach them. For example, it is intended that courses for manual therapists will be taught by people with training and experience in that field. This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, so contact us to discuss further.

RPL for PKP and TFH students, teachers and practitioners

We offer recognition for prior learning (RPL) to PKP or ICPKP students, teachers and practitioners and TFH I-IV graduates so you may be able to cross credit your training for specific workshops. Anyone wishing to become a K-Power® Instructor needs to take the relevant workshops they wish to teach at least once but you may not have to take the workshop a second time if you have covered the material in your PKP or TFH studies. Check the Special Requirements for specific details.

We would love to teach you to become a K-Power® Instructor. Contact us today if you have any questions!

*Some workshops require you to attend 3 times before teaching, but most only twice.

Ordering K-Power® Manuals

Printed workshop manuals are available for purchase by K-Power® instructors only. You will be given access to these once you have become an Instructor. Workshop manuals are also available in digital form as in-app purchases through the PKP Kinesiology app for iOS.