Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny eBook Mockup

K-Power® Launches eBooks

Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny eBook Mockup

As the Covid19 pandemic grips the world and puts many people under added stress, the stress-release techniques taught in K-Power® workshops are needed more than ever. However social distancing rules mean it is difficult if not impossible to meet together for workshops. To help overcome this barrier, we are empowering our instructors to begin teaching online.

We have recently released the first K-Power® workshops in eBook form – Your DNA is Not Your Destiny and Stress Release Made Easy – in both English and Bulgarian. They are proving a hit with our Instructors and people are really enjoying being able to learn new skills from the comfort of home.

We encourage you to find an instructor in your area and take the workshop with them. They will assist you to buy your own eBook copy of the workshop manual.

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