Instructor Application Form

The form below is for both new instructors and old instructors who are not yet registered on the K-Power® website. The form includes the K-Power® Instructors Agreement which governs the relationship between K-Power® and our Instructors.

Note: you are currently logged in as an Instructor on the website. If you wish to add more K-Power® workshops to the list of workshops you can teach, please use the Apply for Workshop form in the Dashboard.

Note: you are currently logged in to the website as . Your personal details (name, email address, etc) are already saved so you just need to answer the questions below to complete your Instructor Application.

Do you already have an account on the website? If so, please log in first to speed up your Instructor Application. For example, you will have an account if you have previously purchased an eBook.

New Instructors:

  1. Attend the workshop.
  2. Complete the protocols and assessments (homework) at the end of the workbook, and have this reviewed by your Instructor.
  3. Check the Special Requirements for becoming an instructor, make sure you have completed the necessary training.
  4. Complete the form below, and make sure you attach your homework.

Old Instructors:

If you have been a K-Power® Instructor in the past and have not yet registered on the website, please complete the form below, indicating which workshops you are currently certified to teach.

Instructor Application Form

Application Details

The information you provide in this section will be held privately for internal communication purposes only. You will be able to create your public instructor profile once registration is complete.
Please enter a username of 8-16 alphanumeric characters. Once set, this can’t be changed.
Choose a password for your account
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Study Details

Please select the workshop you wish to teach and provide the required information to demonstrate you are eligible to be an Instructor of this workshop. Include any relevant Touch For Health or PKP studies. To check if you are eligible to teach this workshop, read the Special Requirements.

Please provide details of your attendance of this workshop. Include the name of the Instructor(s), the date(s) of the workshops, and details of other relevant study such as TFH and PKP.

If you are applying to teach more than one workshop, click the “Add another workshop” button below.


Maximum file size: 50MB

Please attach copies of your homework for the workshops you wish to teach.

On the next page you will find the Instructor Agreement itself. Please read this carefully and check the Agreement boxes before submitting your application.