Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny eBook Mockup

K-Power® Launches eBooks

Posted 5 June 2020

Social distancing rules mean it is difficult if not impossible to meet together for workshops. To help overcome this barrier, we are empowering our instructors to begin teaching online.


K-Power® a hit with medical professionals

Posted 24 February 2020

South African K-Power® Instructor Tracey Wynne ran her very first Your DNA is Not Your Destiny workshop earlier this month with a group of experienced and highly qualified professionals.


Ready to pass on her good will

Posted 1 June 2019

Lined up for Kwazulu-Natal is Your DNA is Not Your Destiny and Stress Release made Easy, as the next step of showering good will upon all who are willing to partake in Spreading the Good News.


Helping Make Lives Easier

Posted 23 May 2019

Bulgarian K-Power® Instructor Svetlana Toncheva has recently completed her first workshop for Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny.