Tibetan Energy and Vitality

Tibetan Energy and Vitality

A one day self-help workshop

Prerequisites: None
Duration: One Day

Help your body perform at it’s best

You and your clients often want to improve your energy level to help you look and feel better. Low energy, fatigue, pain and loss of motivation are all signs that the body is functioning at less than its best.

The Tibetan Energy and Vitality workshop was designed by Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe to teach easy, practical stress management techniques. The workshop teaches a number of techniques originally developed by the people of Tibet to aid healing and improve energy and vitality.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Figure 8 energy flow which can be used to balance the energy of other systems in the body.
  • The healing power of sound.
  • Spiral energy flow above the head to quieten overwrought states or to increase life energy.
  • The Spinning Vortices, vital to a healthy body.

We seek to empower people – to give them tools, fresh hope and to show them ways to move ahead out of their present situations, whether it be pain, dysfunction, overwhelm, weariness, fatigue, frustration or apparent hopelessness.

Dr Bruce Dewe, K-Power® Co-Founder