Your face is talking to me

Your Face is Talking To Me

Your Face is Talking To Me

Prerequisites: Mastery of Emotional Stress Release
Duration: 1 Day

One’s structure predisposes function

Personology explains how our genes express themselves in our structure and personality. It relates the human physical structure (primarily the face) to the basic behavioral functioning process and the personality. The key message is that one’s structure predisposes function, as is seen throughout the animal kingdom.

Personology is a science, based on the inherited traits handed down from parents and ancestors, that reveals how the structure of our bodies exerts a powerful influence on our behavior.

In this workshop you will use muscle testing to identify the priority trait (that is, instinctual behavior) causing stress in relation to your clients’ life situations. By clearing the stress at the causal age, you will have allow your clients to have more choice in creating the behaviors they desire and in living out the fullness of their genetic potential.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Use muscle testing to identify the priority trait.
  • Working with Behavioural Genetics.
  • Personology TraitsPhysiognomy Trait – Philtrums
  • Working with Behavioural Genetics
    • forehead
    • face shape
    • jaw width
    • eyes – stress
    • eye position
    • eyebrow position
    • nose – bridge

Personology is not about judging the looks or behaviours of others but rather understanding the uniqueness of everyone’s personality and its expression.

Dr Bruce Dewe, K-Power® Co-Founder
Your face is talking to me