Helping Make Lives Easier

Bulgarian K-Power® Instructor Svetlana Toncheva has recently completed her first workshop for Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny. She says,

I am extremely pleased that we organized in Burgas the first training of Your DNA is Not Your Destiny. We had wonderful and very useful hours with the girls, who trusted me and I had the chance to show them how easy and useful the Epigenetic Healing Cycle techniques are and how they can use it daily to make their lives easier.

Svetlana’s students shared their experiences:

Thank you for being part of this training! The workshop “Your DNA is Not Your Destiny” showed me that I’m responsible for my destiny, the power and the control are in my mind. I’m very impressed by the epigenetic cycles, in which with minimal effort maxmimum results are achieved.
I hope this technique is used by more people!

-Anastasya Proikova-Vladimirova

An interesting way is that I have the opportunity not only to deal with stress, but also to get to know myself better. To realize and deal with fears and problems I have not even suspected I have. For me, the most valuable knowledge was to learn how to test myself, that is, to receive direct answers from my “inner self.

-Rositsa Georgieva

“I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know the power of Epigenetic cycles! I am a practicing massage therapist and I think they are a wonderful holistic tool that will use in my practice. Personally, this is an exceptional support in dealing with my emotional and physical problems. I also thank Svetla for making me part of your big family!

-Tsvetana Stoilova