Anna Klimuchkova

Anna Klimuchkova

K-Power® Instructor: Epigenetic Healing Cycles (Your DNA is Not Your Destiny), Stress Release Made Easy, Tibetan Energy & Vitality; Instructor NeuroGraphica & Aesthetic Coach; BoGoban Specialist; Neirodesign Specialist; Intellect-Trainers SUPER JUMP; Certified Coach & Consultant; Certified NLP & Consultant; Certified & Сonstellation family constellations; Certified & Сonstellation business constellations; Master's degree "Applied Psychology"; Writer and author of books; Author of an online training on motivation and personal development; lawyer

Work Phone: +359894581488

I have been on a journey of self-discovery now for 20 years, and truly believe that K-Power® metod is exactly what I was searching for all those years.

The ability to know that you can balance and maintain your own body/mind energies is a ‘must’ in today’s fear-driven world.

K-Power® metod puts the control of your health back into the hands of the true healer within – namely yourself!

I am in love with this method! I am so proud and happy to be a member of the K-Power family!

I am so happy and proud to make online courses with people.

If you would like to become a K-Power® Instructor, join my team and I will be happy to train you.

Join me in this wonderful journey. We could do it ONLINЕ.

Let’s enjoy the process and the results together.

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K-Power® Workshops taught by Anna Klimuchkova
➤ Stress Release Made Easy
➤ Your DNA is Not Your Destiny
➤ Tibetan Energy and Vitality

Location: Bulgaria, България