Anne Barratt

Anne Barratt

Empowering Health Kinesiology, K-Power Instructor "Epigenetic Healing Cycles", Dip. Kinesiology, Dip Counselling, Post Grad Mind Body Sciences and Positive Psychology

Mobile Phone: 0491154594

Date: Saturday, August 19th, 2023
Location: Springwood NSW
Times: 10am – 5pm
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Kinesiology has helped me to get to where I am today.

I suffered many set backs during my life, including a life time of bullying, significant weight gain in a short period of time, 20 years of migraines, brain fog, food intolerances, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, major surgery, and devastating grief. I was so impressed with Kinesiology’s effectiveness that I was compelled to study it myself, and make a career change so that I can help others through this amazing modality. But not only that, I want to be able to help people be and stay well, and know that there are answers and support.

I love being able to teach and share Kinesiology through K-Power to better enable others to incorporate this into their day to day lives and pass on it’s benefits to family and friends.


Location: 120 Macquarie Road, Springwood NSW, Australia

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