Britanny Croteau (Campbell)

Britanny Croteau (Campbell)

Certified: Reflexologist, Holistic Aromatherapist, Bach Flower Practitioner, Natural Skincare Formulator, Lymphatic Specialist, EFT Practitioner and K-Power Instructor.


I have focused my studies over the past 17 years in the Wellness profession on helping one De-stress and Detox; the physical, mental and emotional systems of the body holistically. Working with natural remedies such as; Essential Oils, and Bach Flower Essences while incorporating healing methods such as Reflexology, Lymphatic massage, E.F.T., and Acupressure methods etc. I have seen amazing results in my clients over the years! Now incorporating the K-power classes to help my clients help themselves better. I’m very excited in teaching these tools to those to be able to take control of their health and wellness daily! I believe we should all have the power and tools easily accessible for our own health in our hands, and the knowledge of how to do so is priceless!

Location: 4342 Luxor Creek Road, Edgewater, BC, Canada

K-Power® Workshops taught by Britanny Croteau (Campbell)

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