Helena Hyde

Helena Hyde

Diploma in Kinesiology | ICPKP Faculty Member | K-Power Instructor | Co-Active Coach

Work Phone: 00353857668199
Mobile Phone: 00353857668199
Email: helena.hyde@outlook.com

I am a Kinesiologist dedicated to helping you uncover your hidden blocks that prevent you from achieving your goals and creating balance and happiness in your life.

In each session, we focus on establishing a goal that you want to accomplish whilst understanding the key issues that you may or may not be aware of in relation to what you want to achieve. This sets a precedent for you to begin your healing journey while you focus on practical ways to feel better.

The aim is to provide you with clarity to uncover your potential and inner power to expand your personal growth. This approach is based on compassion and self-empowerment.

I am passionate about mental health and well-being and find joy in being a source for others to empower themselves to find their path to balance happiness and harmony through understanding and breaking self-limiting belief systems and releasing repressed emotions and energy blockages.

Kinesiology teaches us that there are many factors that affect human beings. These factors could be related to our own experiences, what we inherited from our ancestors, our subconscious mind and many other things.

I help you delve and discover more about yourself, your strengths and limitations about the factors that are manifesting in your life that you are unaware of, so you can approach these challenges with renewed energy and create a happier healthier life.

Would you like to empower yourself and be free to choose and embrace a life you aspire towards? I would be delighted to hear from you.

Helena Hyde

Location: Cork, Ireland

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