Kay Koekemoer

Kay Koekemoer

Holistic Wellness & Massage Therapist, K-Power Instructor, Integrated Healing Practitioner, Student ICPKP

Work Phone: 0761801480
Mobile Phone: 0761801480
Email: selfconnectionswithkay@gmail.com
Website: https://selfconnections.wixsite.com/selfconnections

‘Your DNA is not your Destiny’, offers a wonderful way for anyone to deal with their own issues which they are experiencing. The beauty of the healing cycles and the protocol taught in the workshop, is that you can do it by yourself, without the assistance of another person.


Location: 181 Lothian Rd, Park Hill, Durban North, 4051, South Africa

K-Power® Workshops taught by Kay Koekemoer

Your DNA is Not Your Destiny