Martha Langdon Henslee (Marty)

Martha Langdon Henslee (Marty)

BA, MA, LMT, Instructor: Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny


I have always wanted to help others.  When I began Massage Therapy training in 1983, all my cells said, “YES”.  I knew I was on the right path!   I have thirty seven years of experience.  Fifteen of those years were spent as a full time Cox Hospital  employee where I did massage therapy for patients that doctors referred to me.

When I discovered the course, Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny,

I had another cellular  ” YES” experience!

In the class, I learned how to muscle test myself and how to do self balances.  I celebrate that I now include myself in that circle of love and care that I gave to others.  Self balances have transformed my life!

How?  I claim the empowerment that comes from changing things that I assumed were “written in stone”.  I challenge myself to use these techniques every day.

I was born to share this work!  I have seen clients experience amazing results during individual sessions.

My passion is to share this hope-giving knowledge of self balancing with you.

I offer individual sessions and group classes.

Location: Springfield, Missouri, United States of America

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Your DNA is Not Your Destiny