Colleen Dougherty – Pennsylvania, USA

Participating in the ITW K-Power® classes definitely ranks in the top ten of my life experiences. During the week there were new friends made, networking done and knowledge learned.
It was both humbling as well as empowering to see this dynamic duo at work. The Toronto K-Power® ITW class at workWatching and listening to Dr. Dewe and Joan Dewe, I was moved by their high level of integrity and compassion. Joan’s classroom management has given me a new respect for a class plan and time management; and Dr. Dewe’s stories are something I will have with me for all times, and I am thankful for that. He has such a tenderness about him as he shares his experiences and the wisdom he has gained from each. I was very touched by his words and many a tear was brought to my eyes as I listened and felt the compassion he has for others.
I look forward to meeting and studying with the Dewes another day, soon.