Lazarina van Oostveen

Lazarina van Oostveen

Professional kinesiologist and trainer: ICPKP, K-Power, Touch for Health. Faculty member of ICPKP. International Diploma in Kinesiology (ICPKP).

Work Phone: +27 72 357 8262 - only whatsap
Home Phone: +359 88 436 6353 - only viber
Mobile Phone: +27 72 357 8262

For the past 14 years I practice and teach kinesiology at both, the, Johannesburg Kinesiology College of Holistic Healing in South Africa & the Kinesiology Training Centre in Bulgaria.

Since 1993 I have studied and practiced many amazing healing arts.  When I met PKP kinesiology in 2005, I immediately fell in love with it.  For me it is a wonderful exploration of all important aspects of our life:  our posture and nutrition, our emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. For the past 17 years, I have taught different kinesiology modalities to students from South Africa, Bulgaria and other European countries, USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India.

K-Power is such wonderful opportunity to share my passion of kinesiology with even more people around the world. I offer all 13 K-Power workshops, but my favourite workshop is the Epigenetic Healing Cycles.