Penny Davey

Penny Davey

ICPKP Practitioner & Instructor, K-Power Instructor

Work Phone: +447766832903
Mobile Phone: +447766832903

Since qualifying as a K-Power® instructor in 2007, I’ve been enjoying teaching the wonderful K-Power® workshops: one- and two-day courses covering a wide variety of topics.  Whether you want to take them for your own self-development, as CPD or to add on to your therapy practice, or to get an introduction to the ICPKP® Kinesiopractic training course, these workshops are full of useful and life-changing information and techniques.  Some focus on relieving mental and emotional stress, whilst others show you how to test and correct various groups of muscles, such as the hip or shoulder.  Others relate to a specific subject like the New Zealand flower essences, face-reading or Tibetan energy and vitality techniques.  One of the most powerful is the ‘You Are Not Your Destiny’ workshop, which is to do with Epigenetics and puts you in charge of your health and well-being.  Most of the workshops involve muscle-testing though some just use self-testing, enabling you to make significant changes in your own life.

K-Power® courses and workshops help to bring insight and awareness in a gentle and transformational way.  They encourage self-responsibility for health and well-being, and provide tools for managing stress, improving energy and for achieving one’s full potential.

My introduction to kinesiology and ICPKP® began in 2000 and I am now a Kinesiopractor® Level 4.  In 2013 I qualified as an ICPKP® Instructor and  teach the one-year Kinesiopractic® Level 1 Course as well as the 14 K-Power® workshops.  I am a senior practitioner with the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and an advanced registered practitioner with the Kinesiology Federation.

Over the years I have taken many other courses, such as ‘Touch for Health’ (1-4), anatomy and physiology, and Thought Field Therapy, and have studied homeopathy and subjects such as flower essences, nutrition, essential oils, crystal healing and Reiki, Biokinetic Exercises and RESET (for tempero-mandibular joint (TMJ) related problems).


Location: Canterbury, UK